Adding a second story addition to a one story home can be a much bigger challenge than what most people would realize. A remodeling company can deal with that kind of work, but this alone will take a lot of preparation and planning ahead of time. This is a really nice addition to any home as it will pretty much double the square footage of your home fairly easily. You will have to suffer the ravages of turning your house literally upside down while you work on the project itself and what it means you need to complete.

It would be a stressful time at any time of the year, so make sure you are properly prepared for what comes ahead. Second story additions will always be pretty technically complex projects, so without a proper plan you will only be walking into a huge mess. Get some estimates done before you can call it a day and work on the rest when you are absolutely sure you have what it takes to make the project a reality.Another thing worth mentioning is that second stories will add quite a bit of weight to the original house, something the original plan was never meant to hold up. Detailed plans will need to be developed and you will absolutely need engineer input all the way unless you want your house to crumble under the weight without the right support and planning. The engineering costs alone will set you back quite a bit, as they will involve analysis of the slab and a need for underground piers around and inside your perimeter. A similar analysis will also have to be performed if your home was built with a foundation that istwo-story-conversion2 off the ground. Critical structural elements such as beam sizes will need to be spelled out before you can make a final estimate.

You will also need an architect’s opinion as well but that may not be enough so engineer help is also required. You should also be prepared to hire a cleaning company  to handle the aftermath of the add-on, allowing you to deal with house cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, you name it.

Do you have to do a full second story or a partial one? The choice will matter quite a bit just like also knowing whether you want a second bedroom up there or a bathroom. You can add a second story on top of a garage, but you may for example have to replace the garage in the process to allow for the additional weight coming down on the slab and the foundations. Depending on the local soil and other factors this may be necessary, so don’t avoid getting professional help.

What would the project cost? Well each home is different, not to mention the price range in each country or state around the US. You should be prepared to spend a minimum of about $100,000 or its equivalent, especially if you plan on placing a new bathroom upstairs. This is a costly upgrade and you should be ready for it financially.